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Stats & Permissions - [community profile] kyriakos

Name: Rook // Dio Eraclea
Team: Amalthea

Age: 19
Height/Build: 5'7 / 174.1cm. Healthy build, surprisingly nicely toned (LIKE DAMN).
Hair Color: White/silver.
Eye Color: Purple (pale).

Appearance/Traits: The orange markings on the edges of his eyes are permanent. Also rocks a pair of pointy elf-like ears (he's not actually an elf, just genetically enhanced, but feel free to point them out). Has a 'sidetail' on his left that he keeps longer than the rest of his hair and always keeps it tied with a red tie. (image for all)


Has a pair of goggles he got from a quest ICly that he will always be wearing around his neck with his Amalthea uniform!

Wearing an Ometotchtli-red wing-shaped cuff earring on his left ear.

Poking out from beneath the collar of his uniform is also part of a scar from beyond day 70 ICly.

Also has faded scars that look like small bands around all five fingers of his left hand from early early on in the game ICly.

Has a faded/light vertical scar over his left eye.

Dio is voiced by Noda Junko, and varies between the higher/happier/flightier pitch of his voice (here) and his serious or le'sad ones (here) depending on the thread subject. I don't go by any of the dub voicing.